22nd International AIDS Conference

The International AIDS Conference is the largest conference on any global health issue in the world. First convened during the peak of the AIDS epidemic in 1985, it continues to provide a unique forum for the intersection of science, advocacy, and human rights. Each conference is an opportunity to strengthen policies and programmes that ensure an evidence-based response to the epidemic. The 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) will be hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands 23-27 July 2018.

23-27 July 2018



Population Council Speakers

Poster Session

Bidhubhusan Mahapatra

  • "Viral load outcomes in a cohort of alcohol consuming PLHIV receiving ART in Mumbai, India"
Poster Session

Jerry Okal

  • "What do adolescent girls and young women tell us about their male partners and their relationship characteristics?"
Symposia Session

Julie Pulerwitz Program Director, HIV and AIDS

  • "Innovations in in delivering comprehensive programmes for the most vulnerable girls"

    Session—Girl Uninterrupted: Evidence, Implementation and Agency in Programming for Girls and Young Women
Poster Sessions

Julie Pulerwitz Program Director, HIV and AIDS

  • "Key implementation strategies for PrEP introduction for adolescent girls and young women"
  • "Male partners of adolescent girls and young women in Durban, South Africa: How high is their HIV risk and what groups are most at risk?"
  • "Men's vulnerabilities are compromising their own health and well-being, and are strongly linked to HIV risk in Durban, South Africa"
  • "Hearing from the men: Multiple partnerships, HIV risk, and drivers of their relationships with AGYW in Swaziland and Uganda"
  • "Will male partners of adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) support their PrEP use? A comparative analysis of AGYW and male partners of AGYW views in Tanzania"
Poster Sessions

Lung Vu Associate

  • "Rates of ART initiation and time from HIV diagnosis to ART initiation in selected Namibian health facilities one year before the national rollout of Namibia's Treat All guidelines"
  • "Implementing the HIV 'Treat All' guidelines in Namibia: Patient and health provider perspectives"
  • "Experiences with use of oral HIV self-testing (HIVST) among men who have sex with men (MSM) and linkage to care: Translating evidence to programmatic strategies for HIVST scale-up in Nigeria"
Oral Session

Madhusudana Battala

  • "Strengthening HIV-related community organizations: Evidence from a large-scale program in India"
Poster Session

Monika Walia

  • "Effect of duration of association with community organization on female sex workers’ self-efficacy: Evidence from five South Indian states"
Poster Sessions

Sangram Kishor Patel

  • "Association between access to public distribution system, food security and depression among female sex workers in India"
  • "Relationship between perceived stress, depression and self-efficacy among female sex workers in southern India"
Poster Sessions

Sanyukta Mathur Associate II and DREAMS Implementation Science Project Director

  • "Who are the male partners of adolescent girls and young women in DREAMS sites in Malawi, and how can they be more engaged in HIV services?"
  • "Reducing HIV vulnerability among adolescent girls and young women: Beneficiary and implementer perspectives of the DREAMS program in Zambia"
Poster Session

Saradiya Mukherjee

  • "Factors associated with HIV non-testing among female sex workers in India: A roadmap to achieve the UNAIDS first 90-90-90 target"