HIV Research for Prevention (HIV R4P) Conference

HIV R4P is the world's first and only scientific meeting dedicated exclusively to biomedical HIV prevention research. Through both abstract and non-abstract driven sessions, the conference will support cross-fertilization between research on HIV vaccines, microbicides, PrEP, treatment as prevention and other biomedical prevention approaches, while also providing a venue to discuss the research findings, questions and priorities that are specific to advancing each modality.

28-31 October 2014

Cape Town International Convention Centre
Cape Town
South Africa

Population Council Speakers

Tuesday, 28 October

Oral Session    |   11:00 am–12:30 pm

Thomas Zydowsky Senior Scientist, Head of Pharmaceutical Development, HIV and AIDS

"A novel intravaginal ring (IVR) protects macaques against SHIV-RT infection and reduces HSV-2 shedding after repeated SHIV-RT/HSV-2 co-challenge"

Session—Animal Model Studies of Microbicides

Oral Session    |   1:30–3:00 pm

Elena Martinelli Scientist

"HSV-2-driven changes in α4β7 expression correlate with increased susceptibility to SHIV ex vivo and in vivo"

Session—Bacterial Vaginosis and HSV-2: Impact on Genital Immunity