The Girl Innovation, Research, and Learning (GIRL) Center is a new global research center that generates, synthesizes, and translates evidence to transform the lives of adolescent girls. Through rigorous research about what works — and what doesn’t — we can better direct limited resources to supporting evidence-based solutions that improve girls’ lives.

Today, the world is witness to the largest generation of adolescent girls in history: 600 million girls ages 10-19, with the majority living in low and middle-income countries. Research shows that when we invest in their health and well-being, there is a profound ripple effect, benefitting their lives as well as their families, communities, and society at-large.

Despite the vast potential of adolescent girls, the reality is that when girls reach puberty, they face unique challenges. Girls are often pulled from school, socially isolated, forced to marry and bear children early, and are at greater risk of sexual violence and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. While many programs exist to reduce these vulnerabilities, they are often too narrowly focused and miss the mark by overlooking the most vulnerable girls, reaching them too late, or missing critical life circumstances that put them at risk.

The Girl Center was created to maximize the world’s investments in adolescent girls and ensure the programs and policies designed to keep them healthy and well are informed by scientific evidence about what works for which girls, and under what circumstances. Given the complexities of today’s environment, the need for evidence-based policies and programs has never been greater.

What We Do:

The GIRL Center draws on the Population Council’s decades of research on adolescent girls and evidence from our partners to test innovative approaches and drive progress towards a world where girls reach their full potential as healthy, productive, empowered individuals.

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