Why Girls?

Today, the world is witness to the largest generation of adolescent girls in history: 600 million girls ages 10-19, with the majority living in low and middle-income countries. Research shows that when we invest in their health and well-being, there is a profound ripple effect, benefitting their lives as well as their families, communities, and society at-large.

The world cannot afford to ignore adolescent girls.

Girls and boys in cultures throughout the world are treated differently from birth onward, but at puberty this gender divide widens. During adolescence, the world expands for boys and contracts for girls. Boys enjoy new privileges reserved for men; girls endure new restrictions reserved for women. Boys gain autonomy, mobility, opportunity, and power; girls are systematically deprived of these assets.

The GIRL Center is committed to changing this reality. Without intentional design based on rigorous data and analysis, programs can miss the most vulnerable girls, reach them too late, or overlook life circumstances that put them at increased risk.

The pathway to a brighter future for adolescent girls is paved with rigorous evidence and informed decisions. Join us.