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Developing Products to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections

Researchers around the world are working to develop new ways to stop a collection of diseases that infect more than a million people every day.  These infections cause serious, sometimes fatal complications including maternal and infant mortality, infertility or anogenital cancer, and can increase susceptibility to HIV.  Billions of people are at risk…but too often these diseases are either ignored, or regarded as unavoidable “facts of life.”

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Council Commentary

Ending Female Genital Cutting in a Generation

Five years ago, more than three million girls each year were at risk of undergoing genital cutting - part of a complex mix of norms and societal expectations. Today, due to growing populations and the fact that ever more countries are admitting to girls being cut, many more girls are at risk. 

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New Study on Divorce Rates in sub-Saharan Africa Published in Pop Council Journal

In a new study published in Population and Development Review, a journal of the Population Council, Shelley Clark and Sarah Brauner-Otto of McGill University find that contrary to expectations, divorce has been stable or declining in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa. 

"In African countries where women enter into unions when they are older and more mature, marriages tend to be more stable, resulting in less divorce."

Listen to Clark's interview with the BBC here

Shelley Clark is Professor of Sociology and Director, Centre on Population Dynamics, at McGill University. She serves on the Editorial Committee of Population Council journal, Studies in Family Planning