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Biology of HIV

Photo Credit: Julie Sitney

At the Population Council’s Center for Biomedical Research, scientists are advancing knowledge of the biological mechanisms of HIV transmission and disease progression. Our research has clarified the role dendritic cells can play in promoting beneficial immune responses, as well as in driving HIV infection. This knowledge allows us to develop effective HIV prevention technologies.

The Council has long been a leader in product development and has contributed significantly to the field of HIV microbicides. Additional research is focused on developing a dual-purpose vaginal ring that releases contraceptives and microbicides.

Experts (4)

  • Melissa Robbiani Senior Scientist and Director, Biomedical HIV Research, Center for Biomedical Research
  • Thomas Zydowsky Senior Scientist, Director of Pharmaceutical R&D, HIV and AIDS, Center for Biomedical Research
  • Elena Martinelli Scientist, Center for Biomedical Research
  • Kyle Kleinbeck Senior Research Investigator, Center for Biomedical Research

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