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Ann K. Blanc

Vice President and Director, Poverty, Gender, and Youth Program

New York, New York

Ann K. Blanc is a vice president and director of the Population Council’s Poverty, Gender, and Youth program. Under her leadership, the program has increased investments in rigorous research on programs for adolescent girls, exploring the importance of various project elements in improving girls’ lives. She is also leading a renewed focus on girls’ education and emerging work on the impact of climate change on vulnerable populations.

Her recent research is aimed at improving the quality of measurement in household surveys, estimating patterns of maternal mortality, and examining the circumstances of vulnerable adolescent girls.

Before joining the Council in 2011, Blanc was director of the Maternal Health Task Force, and she remains a senior advisor on that effort. Her influential 2012 article, “Why aren’t there more maternal deaths? A decomposition analysis,” which appeared in Maternal and Child Health Journal, illuminated the significant role of increases in the use of family planning in reducing maternal deaths around the world.

Between 2005 and 2009, Blanc was a program officer in the Population and Reproductive Health Program at The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Blanc is a member of the Committee on Population of the National Academy of Sciences, the editorial board of the Council’s journal Studies in Family Planning and a member of the “Core Group” of technical experts working on improving the measurement of coverage of maternal, newborn, and child health interventions.

Blanc is the author of more than 70 scientific articles and book chapters on adolescent sexual and reproductive health, maternal health, gender and power dynamics, fertility trends and patterns, and other topics. She received a PhD in sociology with a concentration in demography from Princeton University in 1985.

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