Chi-Chi Undie

Associate II

Nairobi, Kenya
Chi-Chi Undie

Chi-Chi Undie is an associate with the Population Council’s Reproductive Health program in Nairobi. Since joining the Council in 2009, Undie’s research has focused primarily on married adolescent girls and sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). Her work on SGBV has had wide influence on policy and practice, leading to the passage of a resolution calling for the integration of intimate partner violence screening into sexual and reproductive health and HIV and AIDS services throughout East, Central, and Southern Africa. Her SGBV work has recently been extended to refugee settings in the region. In addition, her work with married adolescent girls has shown that, contrary to popular belief, a considerable proportion of girls in Kenya are married to adolescent boys (not older men), and that there is a need to re-evaluate interventions and services aimed at this population of girls.

Before joining the Council, Undie was a Ford Foundation postdoctoral fellow and, later, an associate research scientist at the African Population and Health Research Center. There she led the Center’s sexuality program and conducted several sexual and reproductive health research projects.

Undie is a coordinating group member of the Sexual Violence Research Initiative, an advisory group member for the Institute of Development Studies’ Sexuality and Development Programme, and serves on the international editorial advisory board of the journal Sex Education.

She holds a BA in French from the University of Calabar and an MA in intercultural communication and an interdisciplinary doctorate (PhD) in language, literacy, and culture from the University of Maryland.

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