Dolores D. Mruk

Scientist II

New York, Center for Biomedical Research
Dolores D. Mruk

Dolores D. Mruk conducts research in the Council’s Center for Biomedical Research in New York. Her work focuses on how two different cell types in the testes—Sertoli cells and germ cells—communicate with each other, and how to disrupt communication between these cells to cause infertility. Mruk’s research, if successful, could provide the foundation for the creation of a safe, nonhormonal, reversible male contraceptive.

Since joining the Council in 1995, Mruk has published over 165 peer-reviewed journal articles, and her research has been recognized through numerous awards from the Endocrine Society and the American Society of Andrology. She is on the editorial boards of the peer-reviewed journals Molecular Reproduction and Development and Spermatogenesis.

Mruk received her PhD in cell and molecular biology from the University of Hong Kong and received postdoctoral training at the Population Council under the mentorship of Dr. C. Yan Cheng.

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