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Kelly Hallman

Senior Associate

New York, New York

Kelly Hallman is a senior associate in the Poverty, Gender, and Youth program at the Population Council. An adolescent specialist focused on gender equality, Hallman focuses on how policies, programs, and practice affect young people according to their gender and socioeconomic status. She works with governments and community organizations in low- and middle-income countries to assess and strengthen adolescent programs.

Hallman has made significant contributions to the fields of girls’ programming and adolescent health in LMICs. Research in 2016 (with Katharine McCarthy and Martha Brady) includes an overview of the state of research and programming for very young adolescents in low and middle income countries:  Investing when it counts: Reviewing the evidence and charting a course of research and action for very young adolescents.

A 2014 comparative mapping study published in Global Public Health provides spatial evidence that girls’ access to safe space and community resources shrinks—while that of boys expands—around the time of puberty.

Hallman’s work on how social exclusion affects the HIV risk behavior of girls compared with boys is outlined in “Social exclusion: The gendering of adolescent HIV risks in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa,” a chapter from the UNESCO volume Fourth Wave: An Assault on Women—Gender, Culture and HIV in the 21st Century.

Hallman serves as a reviewer and advisor for numerous panels and studies and is on the Population Council’s Institutional Review Board.

Hallman holds an MA and a PhD in economics from Michigan State University.

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