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Martha Brady

Senior Associate

New York, New York
Martha Brady

Martha Brady is a senior associate at the Population Council, where she directs a portfolio of research and programming on girls’ and women’s health and well-being. Brady has over 20 years of experience as a program leader, strategist, researcher, technical advisor, and evaluator of health and development programs. Her expertise includes adolescence, sexual and reproductive health, family planning, HIV and AIDS, operations research, and technology development and introduction.

Brady co-directs RISING (Research Initiative for Success in Girl programs), the first global operations research program to build the evidence base for best practices on adolescent girls’ programming. Brady leads a review of programs and policies on very young adolescents.

For more than a decade Brady has helped shape the research and program agenda for adolescent girls. She co-created and co-led Ishraq, a ground-breaking education and asset-building program for girls in Egypt that has been expanded and replicated in the country. Brady spearheaded an award-winning girls’ sports program and conducted pioneering research on the benefits of sports for girls in the developing world.

Brady joined the Population Council in 1987 as a program coordinator and then director of the Council’s Expanding Contraceptive Choice Program, a global initiative to improve access to and uptake of contraceptive products in public- and private-sector markets and health systems. Brady leads several projects related to access and user perspectives on antiretroviral therapy–based HIV prevention products, microbicides, and multipurpose prevention technologies.

Brady received her master’s in public health and nutrition from Columbia University in 1987.

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