Journal Article

HIV-positive women report more lifetime partner violence: Findings from a voluntary counseling and testing clinic in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Experiences of partner violence were compared between HIV-positive and HIV-negative women.

Of 340 women enrolled, 245 (72%) were followed and interviewed 3 months after HIV testing to estimate the prevalence and identify the correlates of violence.

The odds of reporting at least 1 violent event was significantly higher among HIV-positive women than among HIV-negative women (physical violence odds ratio [OR]=2.63; 95% confidence interval [CI]=1.23, 5.63; sexual violence OR=2.39; 95% CI=1.21, 4.73). Odds of reporting partner violence was 10 times higher among younger (<30 years) HIV-positive women than among younger HIV-negative women (OR=9.99; 95% CI=2.67, 37.37).

Violence is a risk factor for HIV infection that must be addressed through multilevel prevention approaches.