Momentum, published twice a year, highlights Population Council research and institutional activities. Each issue focuses on a research topic, presenting articles on key projects and their impact; each issue also contains profiles of a researcher and a donor.


Momentum, May 2014: Achieving an AIDS-free future

Leading the way: Reaching populations most in need to achieve an AIDS-free future. Addressing men’s sexual health needs. Illuminating HIV risk among persons with disabilities. Identifying and counseling marginalized young people in urban Ethiopia. Mobilizing communities for HIV prevention. Combating pediatric HIV.

Momentum, November 2013: Adolescent girls

Delaying child marriage in sub-Saharan Africa. Girls on the move. Protecting girls from gender-based violence. The effect of teenage pregnancy on girls' schooling. Ishraq: A safe space for girls to learn, play, and grow.

Momentum, May 2013: Family planning

Accessing long-acting reversible contraception. Expanding access: Public–private partnerships. Breaking down barriers to emergency contraception. One ring for one year. Comprehensive sexual and reproductive health counseling.

Momentum, November 2012: 60 years of ideas, evidence, and impact

Pioneering access to family planning information and services. Generating evidence to guide national policy in Bangladesh. Advancing knowledge: Population and Development Review. Inspiring future leaders. ParaGard and Mirena: Highly effective, reversible, and long-acting. Defining the centrality of adolescent girls to the health and development agenda. Operations research: Data that make a difference. Microbicides: Breakthroughs in HIV prevention.

Momentum, May 2012: Improving education

Teaching young people in South Africa to manage economic, social, and health challenges. Improving education and the future of Egypt's young people. Confronting high rates of absenteeism in Malawi's schools. Improving school-to-work transitions for girls in Bangladesh. Solutions to increase girls' education in Pakistan.

Momentum, November 2011: Involving men

Helping husbands safeguard health in Ethiopia. Calling attention to gender norms and rights. Identifying new male contraceptives. Achieving scale for male circumcision services. Working to ban female genital mutilation/cutting.

Momentum, June 2011: Changing policy

Strengthening EC policies in Bangladesh. Changing how policymakers think about early marriage. Targeting global investments in HIV. Developing the potential of India’s youth. Strengthening policies for sexual violence victims. Protecting migrants from HIV.

Momentum, May 2010: Keeping motherhood safe

Saving lives by spacing births. Delivering births and care through skilled hands. Providing a life-saving drug. Supporting women’s reproductive options. Can health vouchers save poor women’s lives?

Momentum, December 2009: Adolescent girls

A brighter future for migrant girls. Empowering girls to control their financial futures. Abriendo Oportunidadas: The chance to succeed. Ishraq: Teaching literacy, life skills . . . and sports! The seven-step approach to creating evidence-based, targeted adolescent programs.

Momentum, June 2009: HIV and children

Helping mothers keep their babies safe from HIV. Increasing HIV testing for at-risk children. Overcoming barriers to treatment for children. Building support for orphans and vulnerable children.