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Prevalence, nature and determinants of violence against women in Bangladesh

For the purpose of the present study, 240 in-depth case studies (168 of women 72 of men) and sample survey of 3900 married women, and 1600 men were conducted, spread over 3 districts of Bangladesh. Violence against women was found to be frequent, wide in spread and varying in nature. 48 different forms of violence were seen which were clustered into seven broad categories—criticism, neglect, and mental torture due to sexual and other issues, threatening, restricting movement and beating. Typically, conflicts between spouses would begin on trivial day-to-day issues like delay in cooking or arrangement in the house. These conflicts got physically violent when the wife argued or answered back. Refusal for sex also had violent consequences. However, all forms of violence were lower during pregnancy. Women themselves accepted domestic violence as normal. Besides, they could not flee these abusive relationships due to lack of economic and social support. Under these circumstances, their only coping mechanism was to keep quiet and not argue.