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Urbanization, Migration, and Climate Change

Photo Credit: Sajeda Amin

Nearly all future population growth in the developing world will occur in cities. Yet little is known about differences in health between urban and rural populations of developing countries, how urban health is affected by poverty, and how migration influences the lives, health, and well-being of migrants.

The Population Council is studying the interaction between increased urbanization and climate change. We are using geographic information system (GIS) software to map and forecast populations at risk of extreme weather events. And we are gathering data on the effects of migration on mobile populations, particularly adolescent girls.

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  • Julia Adams Deputy Director for Administration, The Evidence Project, Washington, DC
  • Alejandra Colom Associate II & Guatemala Country Director, Guatemala
  • Paul C. Hewett Senior Associate, Washington, DC
  • Aparna Jain Associate I, The Evidence Project, Washington, DC
  • Laura Reichenbach Senior Associate & Deputy Technical Director, The Evidence Project, Washington, DC

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