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Youth and HIV

Photo Credit: James Matheka

Worldwide, a large proportion of all new HIV infections occur in people under age 25. In Africa, the burden of HIV among youth is so high that trends among young people shape the overall epidemic.

The Population Council provides insight into the needs of young people and delivers solutions for some of the world’s most vulnerable youth, particularly adolescent girls, who have a higher prevalence and incidence rate than their male counterparts. We assess existing laws, policies, and programs to determine whether they are having their intended impact, and we measure the diversity in HIV prevalence and its effect on different subgroups of youth.

The Council has analyzed HIV in Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, and Uganda to determine how responsive laws, policies, and programs are to the needs of young people. It conducted the first research in India to identify the needs and risks of young people. The Council’s work has provided the most comprehensive, evidence-based picture yet of HIV among Africa’s and India’s youth—an important step in justifying a stronger focus on young people within the global response to HIV.

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