Since 1952, the Population Council has worked to confront critical health and development issues.

Together with NGO and government partners, our international staff identifies challenges, develops and tests innovative solutions, and scales up successful strategies.

The Council's capabilities include:

  • IMPLEMENTATION SCIENCE to identify service-delivery challenges and test solutions that improve family planning, reproductive health, HIV and AIDS services, and programs for adolescent girls;
  • POLICY RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS that provide data needed by national governments and international bodies to develop evidence-based health and development policies;
  • RESEARCH UTILIZATION to increase use of evidence by decision makers as they make critical choices about policies, programs and deployment of resources to achieve health and development goals;
  • DEMOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS to document the significance of the link between population and development;
  • IMPACT EVALUATION to rigorously assess the effect of a given intervention, policy, or program;
  • BASIC BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH on new contraceptive and HIV-prevention compounds and delivery systems, as well as research to understand how HIV is transmitted sexually;
  • DEVELOPMENT OF PRODUCTS that enable men and women to prevent pregnancy and protect themselves from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and disorders of the reproductive system;
  • CLINICAL TRIALS of promising products to determine their efficacy and safety; and
  • PRODUCT INTRODUCTION to ensure that technologies developed by the Council are available to the poorest and most vulnerable people worldwide.