Biomedical Research

The Population Council collaborates with pharmaceutical companies to develop, manufacture, and distribute contraceptives and other products to the global market. In keeping with the Council’s mission, these partnerships include provisions to ensure public-sector pricing.

Through its Center for Biomedical Research, the Council has developed and licensed some of the most widely used long-acting, reversible contraceptives in the world. Currently, 170 million women worldwide are using a highly effective contraceptive developed by the Population Council or based on our technology, including ParaGard® (the Copper T intrauterine); Mirena® (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system); the implants Jadelle® and Norplant®; and most recently Annovera® contraceptive vaginal ring.

The Council has contraceptive, microbicide, and multipurpose prevention technology (MPTs) products in various stages of development. Learn more about our Products in Development.