CBR researchers are working to develop the next generation of safe, effective contraception and HIV and STI prevention options.  Among our products in development are:

Next-generation contraceptive products for women

  • A three-month progesterone contraceptive vaginal ring (Progering®) is an effective contraceptive option for breastfeeding women. It is approved and being used in several Latin American countries and we are exploring licensure in Nigeria, Kenya, and Senegal.
  • Our three-month Nestorone®/estradiol ring in Phase II clinical development to prevent unintended pregnancy is being designed for continuous use.
  • Our new intrauterine system is in Phase II development and designed to prevent unintended pregnancy and provide less heavy periods.

New approaches to male contraception

The lack of long-acting reversible contraception options for men is one of the greatest obstacles to sexual and reproductive health worldwide. Products in development at CBR include:

  • Nestorone®/Testosterone gel, a novel reversible contraceptive for men, which is designed to be absorbed through the skin with minimal side effects.
  • Adjudin, a promising non-hormonal contraceptive that causes temporary, reversible male infertility. One or two doses can prevent conception for a month or more, and full fertility is restored after the drug is discontinued. 
  • MENT® acetate, a one-year implant that inhibits sperm cell development without impairing a man’s sexual drive.  If approved, MENT, which is created from a synthetic steroid that resembles testosterone, would be the first long-acting reversible male contraceptive. 

Multi-purpose prevention products

CBR researchers are also leading the development of a new generation of multi-purpose prevention products (MPTs) that protect against STIs including HIV:

  • An ARV-Based Microbicide, PC-1005, the only product in development designed to prevent HIV, human papilloma virus (HPV) and herpes simplex virus (HSV) simultaneously, in both women and men.
  • A non-ARV-Based Microbicide, Griffithsin, a naturally occurring, algae-derived protein that inhibits HIV and other pathogens, including HSV.  Griffithsin is the most potent anti-HIV agent ever discovered.  CBR researchers are developing Griffithsin as a vaginal ring, vaginal gels, and as vaginal and rectal fast-dissolving inserts (FDIs).