The current mission of the Pharmaceutical Development Laboratory, the Variano Laboratory, is the development of long-lasting contraceptives for women—and men. This is also includes immediate demand contraceptives and dual protection for contraception as well as HIV/AIDS. Our products are designed to be used in less developed countries in which access to medical care may be limited. In previous years, our laboratories were responsible for the development and registration of these well-known contraceptive devices:

  • The Copper T intrauterine device
  • Norplant and Jadelle, implants inserted under the skin, which deliver levonorgestrel, a synthetic female hormone, active for up to 7 years
  • Progering, a contraceptive vaginal ring designed for nursing mothers, which delivers progesterone, a natural female hormone
  • Fertiring, another progesterone vaginal ring, used in the treatment of infertility
  • Mirena, an intrauterine system delivering levonorgestrel

This laboratory, led by Bruce Variano, is responsible for the final design of drug delivery systems, development of production technology, transfer of production technology to commercial manufacturers, and regulatory compliance by product manufacturers for the Council’s Reproductive Health (RH) pharmaceutical products.