11th World Congress on Adolescent Health

27-29 October 2017

New Delhi


Population Council Speakers

Iqbal Ehsan

Poster—Understanding the SRH needs of unmarried adolescent girls in rural areas: A qualitative study of Adolescent Friendly Health Corners (AFHCs) at government health facilities

Theme: "Health System Strengthening"

Friday, 27 October | 1:30–2:30 pm

K.G. Santhya Senior Associate

Member, National Scientific Committee

Oral Session—Promoting gender egalitarian norms and practices among boys in rural Bihar, India: The relative effect of intervening in early and late adolescence

Mohamed Esam Refaat

Member, Youth Committee for Comprehensive Sexual Education

Nargis Sultana

Poster—Health seeking behavior of brothel based sex workers

Rajib Acharya Associate II

Plenary Session—Young adolescents (10–14 years)

Saturday, 28 October | 10:00–11:00 am