16th Congress of the European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health

25-28 May 2022



Population Council Speakers

Thursday, 26 May

Keynote Lecture    |   10:00–10:45 am | Auditorium

Julia Bunting President

Keynote speaker: "Rights, access, equity: Improving sexual and reproductive health in a rapidly changing world"

Session KL 01

Oral Session    |   2:00–3:30 pm | Van Eyckzaal

Régine Sitruk-Ware Distinguished Scientist

Presenter: "Short-acting but not a pill: What to expect?"

Session CONSES 06 —What is Coming in Sexual and Reproductive Health Technology? Innovation in Hormonal Contraception

Oral Session    |   4:00–5:30 pm | Van Eyckzaal

Marlena Gehret Plagianos Senior Biostatistician

Presenter: "Risk factors for and outcomes of expulsions with a one year contraceptive vaginal system"

Session CONSES 08—What is Coming in Sexual and Reproductive Health Technology? Contraception and Beyond. An Update on Different Strategies

Friday, 27 May

Oral Session

Régine Sitruk-Ware Distinguished Scientist

Chair, Joint FHI 360/USAID Session: "From pipeline to reality: Development of new contraceptive products for worldwide impact"

Session SOCSES 02


Lorna Begg

ePoster presenter: "Measuring potential interest in a postpartum contraceptive vaginal ring to address unmet need among breastfeeding women in India"