22nd International AIDS Conference

The International AIDS Conference is the largest conference on any global health issue in the world. First convened during the peak of the AIDS epidemic in 1985, it continues to provide a unique forum for the intersection of science, advocacy, and human rights. Each conference is an opportunity to strengthen policies and programmes that ensure an evidence-based response to the epidemic. The 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) will be hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands 23–27 July 2018.

Please join Johns Hopkins University and Project SOAR/Population Council for a satellite event: 

Please join the Council at the sessions listed in the calendar below and visit our booth (#212) in the Exhibition Hall.

23-27 July 2018



Population Council Speakers

Monday, 23 July

Satellite Session    |   2:45–4:45 pm | Forum

Sanyukta Mathur Senior Associate and DREAMS Implementation Science Project Director

  • "The power of data and program" 

    Session MOSA39—Daring to DREAM: PEPFAR’s Partnership for Adolescent Girls and Young Women

Tuesday, 24 July

Poster Sessions    |   12:30–2:30 pm | Exhibition Hall

Sangram Kishor Patel

  • "Association between access to public distribution system, food security and depression among female sex workers in India" (Poster TUPEB077)
  • "Relationship between perceived stress, depression and self-efficacy among female sex workers in Southern India" (Poster TUPED400)

Barbara Friedland Associate II

  • "The people living with HIV Stigma Index 2.0: Community-driven strategic information for change" (Poster TUPEE718)

Jessie Pinchoff Associate II; Co-Lead of Population, Environmental Risks, and the Climate Crisis Initiative

  • "The impact of an interpersonal communication intervention on knowledge and uptake of the new Woman's Condom among young adults (18–24 years) in urban Zambia: A randomized evaluation" (Poster TUPEE710)
Symposia Session    |   4:30–6:00 pm | Auditorium

Julie Pulerwitz Senior Associate

  • "Relationships, context and HIV risk / prevention for highly vulnerable AGYW and their male partners: Emerging findings from the DREAMS partnership"

    Session TUSY12—Girl Uninterrupted: Evidence, Implementation, and Agency in Programming

Wednesday, 25 July

Oral Session    |   11:00 am–12:30 pm | Hall 12

Ann Gottert Associate II

  • "Men's HIV risk profiles in South African DREAMS sites: Using latent class analysis for more strategic, context-specific programming and evaluation"

    Session WEAX01—AIDS 2018 Co-chairs' Choice
Poster Sessions    |   12:30–2:30 pm | Exhibition Hall

Sanyukta Mathur Senior Associate and DREAMS Implementation Science Project Director

  • "Who are the male partners of adolescent girls and young women in DREAMS sites in Malawi, and how can they be more engaged in HIV services?" (Poster WEPED557)
  • "Will male partners of adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) support their PrEP use? A comparative analysis of AGYW and male partners of AGYW views in Tanzania" (Poster WEPED586)
  • "Reducing HIV vulnerability among adolescent girls and young women: Beneficiary and implementer perspectives of the DREAMS program in Zambia" (Poster WEPEE719)

Brady Zieman Associate I

  • "Rates of ART initiation and time from HIV diagnosis to ART initiation in selected Namibian health facilities one year before the national rollout of Namibia's Treat All guidelines" (Poster WEPEE612)

Samantha Tsang

  • "Implementing the HIV 'Treat All' guidelines in Namibia: Patient and health provider perspectives" (Poster WEPEE666)

Md. Mahbubul Alam

  • "SANGJOG, a program for HIV vulnerable young key people in Cox's Bazar to address the emerging threat in the perspective of Rohingya influx in Bangladesh" (Poster WEPEE746)

Chiedu Ifekandu

  • "Using social networking in reaching subpopulations of hard-to-reach men who have sex with men in Lagos, Nigeria" (Poster WEPEC158)

Ann Gottert Associate II

  • "Men's vulnerabilities are compromising their own health and well-being, and are strongly linked to HIV risk in Durban, South Africa" (Poster WEPED394)

Julie Pulerwitz Senior Associate

  • "Hearing from the men: Multiple partnerships, HIV risk, and drivers of their relationships with AGYW in Swaziland and Uganda" (Poster WEPED583)

Godfrey Siu

  • "Beyond money and gifts: Identifying the strategies men use to establish and maintain relationships with adolescent girls and young women in Uganda" (Poster WEPED375)

Sampurna Mukhopadhyay

  • "Comparative transcriptome analysis in endocervix and ectocervix during proliferative and secretory phases of the menstrual cycle" (Poster WEPEA007)
Satellite Session    |   6:30–8:30 pm | G104-105

Scott Geibel Senior Associate; Director, Country Strategy

  • "Reducing intersectional stigma among health service providers: Results from an intervention in Bangladesh"

    Session WESA17—Intersectional Stigma: Measurement and Interventions Strategies to Address Multiple Intersecting Stigmas that Potentiate HIV Risks and Limit Engagement in Care

Thursday, 26 July

Satellite Session    |   7:00–8:30 am | G104-105

Julie Pulerwitz Senior Associate

Discussant, Session THSA05​—SHE is the Future Adolescent Girl and Young Women’s Engagement in a More Effective Prevention Response


Poster Sessions    |   12:30–2:30 pm | Exhibition Hall

Angelina Nyanor

  • "Community-based HIV care and treatment: Differential care among stable key population positives in Ghana" (Poster THPED403)
  • "'Treat All Policy' in Ghana: Unique approaches for HIV positivity and ART initiation among key population in fast tracking the 90/90/90 targets" (Poster THPED422)

David Nartey

  • "Leveraging mobile technology through helpline counseling: An effective strategy for accelerating progress toward Ghana's 90/90/90 targets for key populations" (Poster THPED617)

Monika Walia

  • "Effect of duration of association with community-led organization on female sex workers' self-efficacy and self-confidence: Evidence from five Indian states" (Poster THPED471)

Saradiya Mukherjee

  • "Factors associated with HIV non-testing among female sex workers in India: A roadmap to achieve the UNAIDS first 90-90-90 target" (Poster THPEC359)

Neema Makyao

  • "How will social norms about parenting influence parental support of adolescent girls and young women's (AGYW) use of PrEP? Perspectives from parents in Tanzania" (Poster THPED510)
Oral Session    |   2:30–4:00 pm | Hall 10

Madhusudana Battala

  • "Strengthening HIV-related community organizations: Evidence from a large-scale program in India"

    Session THAD03—Community System Strengthening = Sustainable HIV Response