4th Asian Population Association Conference

Population Council Speakers

Poster Sessions

A.J. Francis Zavier

  • "The association between quality of counselling and adoption of postpartum contraception among married young women in the extended postpartum period in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh"
  • "Membership in a self-help group and its association with current use of contraception and wanting no more children in Bihar, India"
Poster Session

Abhishek Kumar

  • "Socioeconomic differences in intimate partner violence and its effect on use of reproductive health services in India"
Poster Session

Ankita Shukla

  • "The interlinkage between contraception use, birth interval and child mortality in India: A calendar data analysis"
Poster Session

Ashish Kumar Gupta

  • "Accelerating pace of decline of neonatal mortality rates in high focus states of India: Role of health care and health infrastructure"
Oral Sessions

K.G. Santhya Senior Associate

  • "Determinants of common mental disorders in young adulthood: Findings from a cohort study in India"
  • "Transition to adulthood: Experiences of boys and girls who were on- and off-track in early adolescence"
Oral Session

Mousumi Gogoi

  • "Declining contraceptive rate in Indian states: Evidence from National Family Health Survey, 2015–16"
Oral Session

Neelanjana Pandey

  • "School completion and learning outcomes: Has the gender gap narrowed in India?"
Oral Session

Santosh Kumar Singh

  • "Self-help group a catalyst for transformation: Violence and agency among women members of self-help group, Bihar, India"
  • "Estimation of maternal mortality ratio (MMR) using regression approach: At district level in India"
Oral Session

Sapna Desai

  • "Reproductive and sexual health of urban adolescents:  Evidence on vulnerability and inequities from India"
Poster Session

Sapna Desai

  • "What about the boys?  A profile of the health and well-being of adolescent boys in India"
Oral Session

Saradiya Mukherjee

  • "Has Janani Suraksha Yojana (a conditional maternity benefit transfer scheme) succeeded in reducing economic burden of maternity in rural India?"
Poster Session

Sohini Paul

  • "Inequality in income and maternal healthcare utilization: Evidence from states of India"