HIV Research for Prevention (HIV R4P) Conference

HIV Research for Prevention (HIVR4P 2018) is the only global scientific conference focused exclusively on the challenging and fast-growing field of biomedical HIV prevention research.  HIVR4P supports cross-fertilization among research on HIV vaccines, microbicides, PrEP, treatment as prevention, and other biomedical prevention approaches, while also providing a venue to discuss the research findings, questions, and priorities specific to each.

satellite Session:

Love, Power, and PrEP: Addressing Relationship Dynamics and Intimate Partner Violence to Promote Successful HIV Prevention for Women and Girls
Monday, 22 October
12:00–3:00 pm
Bristol Room

This session will highlight the critical influence of relationship dynamics on women’s and girls’ HIV risk and their use of HIV prevention methods. Speakers will present new evidence from adolescent girls, young women, sex workers, and male partners in Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania on their HIV prevention needs and preferences. They will also present new evidence from interventions (CHARISMA, EMPOWER and Project SOAR) implemented in South Africa and Tanzania that jointly addressed relationship dynamics, intimate partner violence, HIV prevention, and PrEP. 


  • Kawango Agot, Impact Research and Development Organization
  • Jared Baeten, University of Washington


  • Sinead Delany-Moretlwe, Wits RHI
  • Elizabeth Montgomery, RTI International
  • Nanlesta Pilgrim, Population Council
  • Sheila Harvey, The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
  • Sarah Roberts, RTI International
  • Ann Gottert, Population Council
  • Delivette Castor, USAID

Please join the Population Council at the sessions listed in the calendar below.

21-25 October 2018


Population Council Speakers

Sunday, 21 October

Tuesday, 23 October

Poster Session    |   5:30–7:30 pm | Poster Hall

Marlena Gehret Plagianos Senior Biostatistician

  • "End-users' opinions about the future of HIV prevention: Results from a global internet survey about multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) in development" (abstract no. P09.23)
Poster Session    |   5:30–7:30 pm | Poster Hall

Monika Walia

  • "Community-led structural intervention to address multidimensional vulnerabilities among female sex workers in India" (abstract no. P06.27)
Poster Session    |   5:30–7:30 pm | Poster Hall

Barbara Friedland Associate II

  • "Griffithsin administered vaginally for 14 days is well-tolerated, with anti-HIV activity up to 8 hours post dose in the first-in-human trial" (late breaker) (abstract no. P05.19LB)
Poster Session    |   5:30–7:30 pm | Poster Hall

Wanangwa Chimwaza Manda

  • "Benefits of girl-only club participation on HIV risk reduction: Experiences of very young out of school adolescent girls aged 10–14 in rural Malawi" (abstract no. P14.55LB)

Wednesday, 24 October

Oral Session    |   10:30 am–12:00 pm | Bristol

Ann Gottert Associate II

  • "Male partners of adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in Durban, South Africa: How high is their HIV risk and what groups are most at risk?" (abstract no. OA10.01)
Oral Poster Discussion    |   4:45–5:30 pm | Bristol

Ann Gottert Associate II

  • "How does relationship power influence HIV risk among adolescent girls and young women in Kenya?" (abstract no. PD07.05)
Poster Session    |   5:30–7:30 pm | Poster Hall

Monika Walia

  • "Testing the role of collectivization on safe sex behavior with occasional clients among female sex workers using structural equation modelling" (abstract no. P03.50)
Poster Session    |   5:30–7:30 pm | Poster Hall

José Fernández-Romero Scientist II

  • "Combination of griffithsin and broadly neutralizing antibodies results in antiviral synergy against HIV-1" (abstract no. P24.02)

Thursday, 25 October

Oral Session    |   11:15–11:30 am | Londres

Thomas M. Zydowsky Senior Strategic Advisor

  • "Self-administered griffithsin and carrageenan containing microbicide fast-dissolving insert as pre-exposure prophylaxis against HIV and HPV infections" (abstract no. OA20.04)