International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP)

Every other year since 2009, the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) has brought together the family planning community to share best practices, celebrate successes, and chart a course forward.

The ICFP serves as a strategic inflection point for the family planning and reproductive health community worldwide. It provides an opportunity for political leaders, scientists, researchers, policymakers, advocates, and youth to disseminate knowledge, celebrate successes, and identify next steps toward reaching the goal of enabling an additional 120 million women to access voluntary, quality contraception by 2020.

The ICFP also serves as an international platform from which countries, organizations and individuals can make public commitments to family planning, and can be recognized for their achievements. Dozens of side events are organized around the conference by many institutions and groups from around the world.

12-15 November 2018


Population Council Speakers

Flash Presentation

Arupendra Mozumdar

"Effect of counselling for side effects by health care personnel on continuation of contraceptive use"

Oral Session

Elizabeth Tobey

"The role of attitudes towards pregnancy in contraceptive continuation: Results from a longitudinal study of married women in India"

Oral Session

Julia Bunting President

Chair: Development and Introduction of New Contraceptive Methods and Technologies

Oral Session

Lucía Vázquez

"Raising awareness of one legal indication for abortion in a conservative setting: Assessing Mexico’s National Pro-Choice Alliance communications campaign"

Oral Session

Md. Irfan Hossain

"Can a peer health educator model improve the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and family planning outcomes among female garment workers? Evidence from Bangladesh"

Oral Session

Sara Chace Dwyer

"Why does knowledge of key injectable contraceptive characteristics decrease three months after training? Results from an implementation research study using panel data"

Oral Session

Saumya RamaRao Senior Associate

"Integrating measurement of quality of care into health systems"