Population Association of America 2018 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Population Association of America brings together demographers, sociologists, economists, public health professionals, and other individuals interested in research and education in the population field.

Population Council Speakers

Oral Session

Barbara Mensch Senior Associate

"Evidence for causal links between education and maternal and child health, sexual and reproductive health, and malaria: A systematic review" (presenting with Stephanie Psaki)

Session—Education and Demographic Outcomes in Developing Countries

Poster Session

Doaa Oraby

"Current status and opportunities for increased involvement of the private sector in the delivery of family planning services in Egypt"

Oral Session

Karen Austrian Senior Associate

"She expects you to feed her and dress her, but the school girl, you only have to buy her chips: The role of financial and material exchange in young men’s selection of sexual partners in urban Kenya"

Oral Session

Kelly Hallman Senior Associate

"Beyond boyfriends and sugar daddies: Ascertaining Sexual Relationship Types (ASERT) among poorly-educated girls and young women in Tanzania"

Oral Session

Mark R. Montgomery Senior Associate

"High-risk urbanization: Variation in urban population growth across flood and drought prone regions of India, 1990–2014"

Poster Session

Sara Chace Dwyer

"Task-shifting injectable contraceptive services to patent and proprietary medicine vendors in Nigeria: Is previous health system experience necessary?"

Poster Session

Sophia Chae Associate

"Gender-based violence against adolescents in seven African countries"

Oral Session

Stephanie Psaki Deputy Director of the GIRL Center

"Effects of academic skills on the timing of marriage and childbearing among adolescent girls in Bangladesh, Malawi and Zambia: A comparative study"

Session—Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health