Population Association of America 2022 Annual Meeting

The Population Association of America’s annual meeting is the premier conference of demographers and social and health scientists from the United States and abroad. Here demographers at all career stages are afforded the opportunity to present their research in oral and poster sessions, hear others’ findings, and network with their peers.

Since PAA’s first conference in 1932, much important research has been presented on topics ranging from migration to reproductive health to race and gender issues.

Please join the Population Council at the sessions listed below and visit our booth (no. 9) in the Exhibit Hall.

Meet the Editors of Population and Development Review
Stop by our booth to meet Raya Muttarak and Joshua Wilde, the new editors of PDR. Come by to say hello or talk about submitting your work.

Thursday 7 April | 11:00 am to 12 pm
Exhibit Hall Booth #9

Schedule of Council activities (Council authors in bold):

Thursday, 7 April

Oral Sessions:

  • Early Cognitive Skills, and Fertility Desire and Knowledge Among Adolescents in Ethiopia: Evidence from Young Lives
    Authors: Fatima Zahra, Erica Soler-Hampejsek, Nicole Haberland
    Session 46—Adolescent Fertility and Reproductive Health
    11:30 am–12:45 pm | Location: M109
  • Long Hours of Domestic Work and its Implication on Mental Health Problems and Learning Ability among Unmarried Adolescents and Young Females in India
    Authors: Basant Panda, Snigdha Banerjee, Neelanjana Pandey
    Session 92—Domestic Work and Gendered Outcomes in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
    5:30–6:45 pm | Location: International 10
  • Understanding the Link Between Hormonal Contraception Use and Anemia Among Adolescent Girls and Young Women: Results from a Multi-Country Analysis
    Authors: Christina Misunas, Michelle Hindin
    Session 96—Adolescent Contraception
    5:30–6:45 pm | Location: M109
  • Differences in Quality of Care Received by Age and Contraceptive Use Dynamics among Young Mothers in India
    Authors: Elizabeth Tobey, Aparna Jain
    Session 96—Adolescent Contraception
    5:30–6:45 pm | Location: M109


  • Evaluation of a Girl-Centered Male Engagement Program on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and Gender Norms, in Nairobi’s Urban Informal Settlements
    Authors: Daniel Osuka, Beth Kangwana, Rhoune Ochako, Erica Soler-Hampejsek, John Maluccio, Karen Austrian
    Session P1—Aging, Life Course, Gender and Sexuality
    8:00–9:30 am | Marquis Ballrooms A-D (Posters)
  • Method Related Attributes and Contraceptive Discontinuation: Results from a Prospective Study from Nairobi and Homa Bay Counties in Kenya
    Authors: Yohannes Wado, Martin Kavao, George Odwe, Francis Obare, Kazuyo Machiyama, John Casterline, John Cleland
  • What Emerging Adults are Saying about Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes: Evidence from a Suburb in Accra, Ghana
    Authors: Laud Sowah, Adriana Biney, Donatus Yaw Atiglo, Delali Badasu, Augustine Ankomah
  • Emergency Contraceptive Use as a Contextual and Dynamic Behaviour among Emerging Adults in Urban Ghana
    Authors: Donatus Yaw Atiglo, Adriana Biney, Laud Sowah, Augustine Ankomah

    Session P3—Fertility, Family Planning, Sexual Behavior and Reproductive Health
    2:30–4:00 pm | Marquis Ballrooms A-D (Posters)

Invited Session:

  • The Future of Publishing in the Population Sciences
    Chair: Mark Hayward; Panelists: Sara Curran, Stephen A. Matthews, Corey S. Sparks, Raya Muttarak and Joshua Wilde (Population and Development Review) 
    Session 104

    5:30–6:45 pm | International 3

Friday, 8 April

Oral Session:

  • Multi-Scale Demographically Informed Exposure Assessment to Different Flood Types in India
    Authors: Hamidreza Zoraghein, Jessie Pinchoff, Hasim Engin, Deborah Balk, Mark Montgomery
    Session 172—Innovative Data and Methods for Population and Environmental Research
    2:00–3:15 pm | Location: International 1


  • Early Childhood Development among Children of Adolescent Mothers: Evidence from over 30 Low and Middle-Income Countries
    Authors: Fatima Zahra, Karen Austrian
    Session P6—Children and Youth, Intergenerational Ties, Education, Work and Economic Inequality
    10:00–11:30 am | Marquis Ballrooms A-D (Posters)

Saturday, 9 April

Invited Session:

  • Cultural Roots of Female Autonomy
    Author: Zeba Sathar
    Session 220—South Asian Demography: 75 Years After the Empire (Chair: Sajeda Amin)
    11:00 am–12:15 pm | Location: International 3

Oral Sessions:

  •  Session 207—Climate Change and the Well-being of Children and Youth (Chair: Jessie Pinchoff)
    11:00 am–12:15 pm | Location: International 2
  • Session 231—Gender and Sexuality-Based Violence (Chair: Sajeda Amin; Discussants: Saumya RamaRao and Beth Kangwana)
    12:45–2:00 pm | Location: International 1
  • Evaluation of Urbanization Status in Pakistan Using Emerging Remote Sensing Products
    Authors: Hamidreza Zoraghein, Muhammad Khalil, Maqsood Sadiq
    Session 234—Urbanization and Population Redistribution
    12:45–2:00 pm | Location: M105
6-9 April 2022

Atlanta, GA