Seventh Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

The Global Symposium on Health Systems Research is organized every two years by Health Systems Global to bring together the full range of players involved in health systems and policy research and practice. Beginning with the First Global Symposium in Montreux in 2010, the Symposia have played a crucial, catalytic role in convening a global community dedicated to strengthening health systems and building the field of health systems research. The Seventh Global Symposium (HSR2022) will bring together approximately 2,000 health systems researchers, policymakers and practitioners from around the world under the theme Health Systems Performance in the Political Agenda: Sharing Lessons for Current and Future Global Challenges.

Schedule of Council activities (Council authors in bold)
Wednesday, 2 November
  • Harnessing the power of behavioral science and design to improve the quality of maternity care in rural facilities in Madagascar 
    Authors: Jana Smith (presenter), Sara Flanagan, Maddie Kau, Tina Razfinimanana, Marie Sandra Lennon, and Liliane Ingabire | Project: Breakthrough RESEARCH 
    Oral Session—Maternal and Child Care Services | 11:00 am–12:30 pm | Level 3–Room K
  • Measuring provider attitudes: results from a scale development process in DRC and Togo
    Authors: Martha Silva and Kate Spielman | Presenter: Amanda Kalamar
    Oral Session—Addressing Quality of Care | 2:00–3:30 pm | Level 3-P | Hybrid
Friday, 4 November
  • Prevailing community health systems amidst the global Covid-19 pandemic
    Authors: Alain Casseus, Charlotte Warren, Pooja Sripad (presenter), Shongkour Roy, Smisha Agarwal, and Timothy Abuya
    Organized Session | 2:00–3:30 pm | Hybrid

Posters, 2–4 November
  • Prioritizing the mental health of frontline health workers to enhance quality care before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
    Authors: Charlotte WarrenBrady Zieman, Pooja Sripad, Charity Ndwiga, Chantalle Okondo, and Timothy Abuya
    Poster ID: 1389 
  • Using audience segmentation approaches to identify vulnerable populations and inform integrated family planning and maternal health programs in Niger
    Authors: Nicole Bellows, Leanne Dougherty, and Chaibou Dadi | Presenter: Amanda Kalamar 
    Poster ID: 1748
31 October 2022 to 4 November 2022