Tools for Program Design and Implementation

Programming toolkits and guides to develop, strengthen and measure programs.

Building Girls’ Protective Assets: A Collection of Tools for Program Design

This set of practical, user-friendly tools and worksheets is intended to help those who are designing and implementing girl-centered programs to integrate a "Protective Asset-Building Approach" to improve their coverage. This collection will help program staff design, reassess, conduct, monitor and evaluate their program activities, at any stage of planning or implementation. 

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Girl-Centered Program Design: A Toolkit to Develop, Strengthen and Expand Adolescent Girls Programs

This set of practical, user-friendly tools and guidelines is intended to help strengthen programs for adolescent girls. It can be used by anyone who is designing or running a program, writing a proposal to work with girls, or seeking innovative ideas on how to strengthen program activities. The toolkit has three main sections: the first focuses on structure, the second on content, and the third on monitoring and evaluation.


Building Assets Toolkit: Developing Positive Benchmarks for Adolescent Girls

The content of programs for adolescent girls often is overly generalized and not adapted to specific populations. The Population Council and partners have pioneered a process to assist in the development of relevant, tailored, and positive program content. This asset-building approach helps craft stepwise, achievable benchmarks for girls by age, social category, and context. The Building Assets Toolkit introduces practitioners to the asset-building approach, guides them through the exercise, and models the critical thinking needed for effective program design.

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