Video descriptions of the Girl Roster™ and other approaches/tools to help keep girls safe.

Capacity Strengthening to Build Protective Assets Using Girl Platforms

In this video, Population Council staff introduce strategies to strengthen local organizations’ capacity to implement a social and protective asset building approach to build girl platforms and reduce their risk of HIV infection. The webinar serves as introduction to successful interventions that have reached key segments of girls in HIV areas with high rates of HIV and to tools such as the Girl Roster™ and ASERT™ tool that supports local organizations’ work.

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Smart Design and Effective Execution of Girl-Centered Programs

In this video, Population Council staff explore what must be considered in order to smartly design and effectively implement a girl-centered program. Staff elaborate on the value of context, that is, intentionality, SMART program design, evidence good practice, and the monitoring and evaluation of your program. Next they discuss the value of content, that is, having a full understanding of the problem and the underlying structural determinants that bring it about so that program staff has a clear sense of its objectives.

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Making the Most of Mentors, a Key Ingredient of Girl Platforms

In this video, Population Council staff from our local Kenya and Guatemala offices explore the mentorship model in girls' safe spaces and programming. Staff describe the criteria for selecting the best girl mentors, review strategies for recruitment and retention of mentors, elaborate on methods of and tools for training and supervising your mentor cadre, and introduce potential resources for mentor training, monitoring and those resources' adaptation. Staff use strong case study examples to illustrate several of these key concepts.

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Revisiting the Dimensions of Transactional Sex among Adolescent Girls & Young Women

In this video, Population Council experts explore the ways that various types of transactional sex influence the health of countless adolescent girls and young women worldwide, as well as strategies to mitigate their risk. With a special focus on HIV risk in sub-Saharan Africa, presenters describe how power influences AGYW’s experience of sex and associated health outcomes, define the important distinction between transactions in sex and exploitation in the sex industry, and question the value of “girls engaged in transactional sex” as a useful program category. Using a case study from Mile 6 in Sierra Leone, our presenters illustrate the implications for girl-centered programming, the impact of protective-asset building with this specific segment of girls, and the positive outcomes that can result.

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Girl Roster How-To Training (Part 1)

In this video, part 1 of a two-part How-To Training in the Girl Roster, Population Council staff provide a guide on the preparation and implementation of the Girl Roster. Staff review the Girl Roster rationale, purpose and foundational concepts, demonstrate how to set up online accounts and the phones for rostering and how to conduct the questionnaire, show viewers potential modifications that can be made to the Girl Roster form and demonstrate how to upload and store the Girl Roster information collected.

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Girl Roster How-To Training (Part 2)

In this video, part 2 of a two-part How-To Training in the Girl Roster, Population Council staff provide a guide on the steps following the implementation of the Girl Roster. Staff show viewers how to view the information collected online, how to generate output tables that house key actionable information with program planning implications, how to create Girl Roster maps, and some of the workarounds needed for challenges such as working with a large number of records, disaggregating and sorting information, and other common challenges. 

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