The Girl Innovation, Research, and Learning (GIRL) Center is a new global research center that generates, synthesizes, and translates evidence to transform the lives of adolescent girls. Through rigorous research about what works — and what doesn’t — we can better direct limited resources to support evidence-based solutions that improve girls’ lives.

What We Do:

Too often, programs and policies meant to address the needs of adolescent girls miss the mark because they aren’t evidence-based. Without rigorous research, policymakers cannot be sure that the legislation they are supporting will do what it’s designed to do. Without evidence, policies and programs that affect girls are guess work.

The GIRL Center draws on the Population Council’s decades of research on adolescent girls and evidence from our partners to test innovative approaches and drive progress towards a world where girls reach their full potential as healthy, productive, empowered individuals.

  • Conduct Research
    We conduct high-quality research and analyses on issues affecting adolescent girls.
  • Communicate Evidence
    We communicate evidence to decision-makers in order to inform and improve investments in girls.
  • Convene Experts
    We convene leading experts to review research, identify gaps, and develop a forward-looking agenda.
  • Build Capacity
    We support the next generation of researchers, advocates, and communicators to elevate the status of girls globally.

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