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After Roe, Men Might Finally Get Better Birth Control

WIRED magazine explores the development of reliable contraception for men, including the Population Council's Nestorone®/Testosterone gel.

"Following the US Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, which ended the federal right to abortion, attention has centered on women’s access to birth control options like Plan B, IUDs or tubal ligation, and hormonal contraception. But what about options for men?"

"One candidate being developed by researchers at the National Institutes of Health and the nonprofit Population Council is a hormonal gel that contains a synthetic progestin called Nestorone, which blocks natural testosterone and reduces sperm count. The gel also contains a replacement testosterone to help maintain normal sex drive and regulate other functions. Nestorone is already approved for use in Annovera, a vaginal ring for women. It doesn’t work orally though, so for the male version, researchers formulated it into a gel. It’s intended to be rubbed on the shoulders daily, and absorbed through the skin. Like the pill for women, it needs to be applied at the same time every day."

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