Council Commentary

Bayer and Evidence Project launch new initiative

In partnership with Bayer, the Population-Council-led Evidence Project has launched a package of health information materials designed specifically for the workplace. Many workplaces depend on local public health departments or NGO partners for materials, and often when supplies run out, it is very difficult to obtain more. In order to address these issues, the Evidence Project and Bayer, designed the new materials to be easily accessible and easy to print at the workplace. These materials will also be adapted for mobile use making them accessible to those who use their smart phones to get information.

“If we want workplace nurses and health trainers to use health educations materials in the workplace, they need to be accessible, affordable, and attractive” said David Wofford, Senior Advisor for Workplace Policy with the Evidence Project/RAISE Health.

These materials offer a tool to reinforce the efforts of workplace doctors, nurses, and occupational health staff to disseminate health knowledge to workers and promote good health practices.  Making health information easily accessible to workers through existing IT resources is one way corporations can play a role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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