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BBC: The Impacts of Child Marriage in Latin America

The BBC reports on the scope and effects of pervasive child marriage across Latin America, spotlighting the potential of the Council’s Abriendo Oportunidades program in rural Guatemala to empower girls.

The report profiles the work of Roxana Mucú and Vilma Chón, two mentors with Abriendo Oportunidades who work to expand education, livelihoods and empowerment for Indigenous adolescent girls in Guatemala.

“Como mentoras del Programa Abriendo Oportunidades en Guatemala, Roxana y Vilma trabajan para educar a las niñas no sólo sobre sus derechos y su salud sexual y reproductiva, sino para que no dejen de estudiar.”

(Translation: “As mentors of the Abriendo Oportunidades Program in Guatemala, Roxana and Vilma work to educate girls not only about their rights and their sexual and reproductive health, but also to not stop their schooling.”)

Abriendo Oportunidades provides vulnerable Mayan girls in Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico with skills and support to improve their lives.

Read more at BBC (Spanish Language) and learn about Abriendo Oportunidades here.