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Changing Attitudes is an Important First Step Towards Eradicating FGM, But It Isn’t Enough

In The Telegraph, activist Nimko Ali cites the Population Council’s comprehensive evidence review on the Effectiveness of Interventions Designed to Prevent or Respond to Female Genital Mutilation.  

Ali writes that the Council's report is "the most comprehensive review that I have seen" providing evidence to "back many of the interventions and solutions that survivors have long called for."

Announcing the launch of The Five Fund, a dedicated financial stream for evidence-based work by grassroots organizations, Ali writes, "We now have a much better overview of what approaches work. It is critical that we trust, empower and fund locally-based activists to use this evidence to deliver their own impact, as we accelerate work to end this devastating abuse, which has existed for thousands of years."

Read the comment published in The Telegraph.