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Council on Foreign Relations Q&A: Addressing Vulnerabilities of Adolescent Girls During Crisis

The Council on Foreign Relations’ Women Around the World blog posted a Q&A with the Council’s Judith Bruce and Dr. Holly Atkinson of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, members of the Girls in Emergencies Consortium.  The piece discusses the elevated risks adolescent girls face during humanitarian emergencies and strategies to reduce their vulnerabilities.

In response to the question, “Why aren’t adolescent girls typically a targeted, high-risk group in humanitarian relief efforts during the immediate aftermath of an emergency?” Bruce writes, “It is absolutely in part due to the invisibility of their crucial role in family management and a disconnect between humanitarian relief and development. The vulnerability profile applied at registration in a refugee camp, for example, may overlook girls, and data is either not disaggregated or is analyzed too late to shape consequential early interventions.”

Bruce and Atkinson are members of the multi-organization Girls in Emergencies Collaborative

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