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CTI Exchange: Contraception Technology Innovation is Everyone’s Business, Writes Julia Bunting and Laneta Dorflinger

In a blog post for FHI 360’s Contraceptive Technology Innovation Exchange, Julia Bunting, President of the Population Council, and Laneta Dorflinger, Distinguished Scientist and Director for Contraceptive Technology, outline what needs to be done to increase access to the broadest choice of quality, affordable, and acceptable contraceptives.

Julia and Laneta identify six knowledge gaps the world needs to fill to accelerate equitable access, including identifying the preferences of women, men, and young people to inform product design and improving business analytics to assess markets for a range of contraceptive products. They also note that cooperation and engagement across sectors is essential to filling this knowledge gap.

Everyone must be engaged to move the science of contraceptive technology innovation forward – to bring it out of the laboratories and get it to the people who need it on the ground. We are convinced that a win/win/win outcome is reachable: a win for advancing the science of contraception, a win for socially responsible women’s health companies answerable to their shareholders, and a win for the millions of people who deserve a full range of contraceptives to meet their changing needs.

Contraception is everyone’s business, and we need everyone at the table to develop and support the path forward.

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