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Data Collection and COVID-19: What’s Gender Got to Do With It?

The Gender and COVID-19 Research Project publishes an editorial from Population Council researchers on important gender dimensions and implications before, during, and after data collection.

Chi-Chi Undie, Nicole Haberland, Sanyukta Mathur, Isabel Vieitez, and Julie Pulerwitz outline what to consider when training data collectors, who to collect data from, how to collect data, and the kinds of support and services that are part of the process. 

"We outline several of these dimensions here as a reminder of just how gendered data collection is during COVID-19 and similar disasters, and in times of normalcy. The gender dynamics that we highlight are important in the first place because gender serves as a reminder of how societies construct and assign roles, identities, and power to different data collection stakeholders (or of how stakeholders do so themselves). These modalities of ‘doing gender’ can occur in ways that could negatively or positively impact respondents’ and data collectors’ participation in the research process, the quality of the data collected, and the reproduction of inequality. In paying attention to gender concerns, the goal is to render data collection as gender-equitable as possible for all concerned (including participants, data collectors, and institutions involved in collecting data)."

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