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Devex: Council President Julia Bunting Discusses Historic Family Planning Summit and US Role in Global Development

In an article and studio video interview with Devex, Population Council president Julia Bunting shares perspectives on the upcoming London Summit on Family Planning and the importance of continued US leadership in global sexual and reproductive health and rights. 

Bunting calls for “re-energizing the global movement” to expand access to family planning and emphasizes the importance of focusing on those with greatest needs, such as among youth and people living in humanitarian settings.

“Bunting told Devex [the expanded Global Gag Rule] would be ‘devastating’ for women and girls in developing countries and was likely to increase, not decrease, the number of abortions being carried out worldwide due to the reduced availability of contraceptives, as well as leading to more maternal deaths.

‘In July, we will be bringing together and re-energizing that global movement [and] that momentum as we continue to want to see increases in the number [of women with access to family planning] and particularly pushing towards universal access,’ she said… The U.S. administration for 50 years has been at the vanguard of international family planning efforts and so we are really keen to see that U.S. funding, but also importantly U.S. leadership, continues in this space,’ she said.”

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