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Devex: New UNESCO Comprehensive Sexuality Education Guidelines Focus on Gender and Human Rights

Devex reports on the recent revisions to the technical guidance on sexuality education from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), including commentary from Population Council expert Nicole Haberland.

Haberland explains that the guidelines focus more directly on gender dynamics and power in relationships compared to the previous version of UNESCO guidance issued in 2009.

“CSE can also help reduce transmission rates for sexually transmitted infections; while research from the Population Council suggests that well-designed programs can reduce gender-based violence within relationships and promote gender equality…

…’The new guidance document places a far greater emphasis on gender and rights, which reflects robust and growing evidence about how harmful gender norms and power inequalities damage young people’s relationships and sexual and reproductive health,’ Haberland said in an email to Devex.

‘In fact, research shows that when we address gender norms and power disparities, it dramatically increases the likelihood that the sexuality education program will be effective,’ she added.”

Haberland has conducted a range of research on sexuality education and is a co-creator of the Council’s “It’s All One” Curriculum, a set of guidelines and activities for a unified approach to sexuality, gender, HIV and human rights education.

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