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Dhaka Tribune: BALIKA Helps Close Digital Divide

Photo credit: Dhaka Tribune

The Population Council's Bangladeshi Association for Life Skills, Income, and Knowledge for Adolescents (BALIKA) program was featured in the Dhaka Tribune. The op-ed discussed how empowering adolescent girls with digital knowledge and access to technology could help foster gender equality.

"Seventy-two safe girl-only BALIKA centres around Bangladesh provided computer-based e-learning support in English and maths — the two subjects where Bangladeshi girl children lag behind their male peers.

With higher academic achievement also comes confidence, and the ability to identify and tackle problems. Some girls received awareness training on gender rights, negotiation, critical thinking, and decision-making, while a third group of girls received livelihoods training in areas such as mobile phone servicing, photography, and basic first aid.

This type of focused support is often not included in a standard educational curriculum, and is critical to help young women access a greater range of careers, and gain confidence in their own ability to be a part of mainstream activities and communications."

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