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Double Agents in Global Health

Thoai Ngo, Vice President of Social and Behavioral Science Research, shares his perspective on global health as a "double agent" straddling two worlds. Ngo contributes insights to an essay by Madhukar Pai, Canada Research Chair in Epidemiology & Global Health at McGill University, published in Forbes

“Having grown up in post-war poverty in Viet Nam and having arrived as a refugee in the United States, I approach my work in global health with a keen awareness of the instinctive resourcefulness of the global poor and a mind-set of the infinite possibilities they are capable of imagining,” Ngo says.“By having lived experiences, I feel I can more easily identify with and relate to those in similar situations and “translate” those for key constituencies involved in problem solving in global health, whether they are funders and decision-makers or scholars and experts.”

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