Council Commentary

Family Planning 2020 Midpoint

On July 11, Family Planning 2020 marked the midpoint of the global partnership started at the 2012 London Summit on Family Planning to drive progress on meeting the needs of millions of women and girls around the world.

Population Council President, Julia Bunting, played an instrumental role in the Summit where more than 20 developing-country governments made commitments to the goals of FP2020. Four years later, we have seen some great progress on these goals but we’ve also recognized the need to strengthen our efforts to continue to ensure access for all. We use this midpoint to acknowledge all that we have achieved and recommit to reaching 120 million additional women and girls with access to modern contraception by 2020. The Population Council supports the goals of FP2020 and has conducted countless studies to ensure quality of care, increasing access to modern contraceptive methods, and understand how to reach the most marginalized women. Learn more about our commitment to FP2020: