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Goop: Author Peggy Orenstein Highlights Council Sex Ed Resource

Author Peggy Orenstein spoke to Goop about her new book, Girls & Sex, and the need to change thinking on adolescent sexuality. She highlights the Council’s It’s All One curriculum.

“There are some fantastic, comprehensive sex education curricula out there. By ‘comprehensive’ I don’t mean just teaching kids to put on condoms and about STIs and contraception. We’ve made ‘comprehensive’ into a harm-reduction model, as opposed to ‘abstinence only,’ which is a ‘just-say-no’ model. Neither is really adequate. I get why, politically, the best we could hope for has focused on harm reduction, but it’s not enough.

The Unitarian/Universalist church does an amazing job of educating people about sexuality across the lifespan, from kindergarten to senior citizenship. Their curricula are a wonderful model. So is the It’s All One curriculum by the Population Council, which you can get free online. They go beyond harm reduction to talk about healthy relationships and mutual pleasure (that includes female orgasm).”

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