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Guatemalan Child Marriage Prevention Work Featured on Quartz and Council on Foreign Relations

Rachel B. Vogelstein, the director of the Women and Foreign Policy Program at the Council on Foreign Relations, recognized the Population Council’s adolescent girls empowerment work in an article for the CFR Development Channel and Quartz, the Atlantic’s business news site.

“In an effort to combat the widespread belief among poor, rural, and indigenous communities that child marriage is a route out of poverty, some NGOs are working with communities in Latin America to shift norms and create safe spaces for adolescent girls. One community-based program led by the Population Council, called ‘Abriendo Oportunidades,’ works with indigenous girls to foster financial literacy and self-esteem, promote sexual and reproductive health, and discuss topics like marriage. The program has reached nearly eight thousand indigenous girls since 2004 and provided them with alternatives to early marriage. According to an evaluation conducted in 2011, 97 percent of girls participating in the program remained unmarried throughout its duration.”

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