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Humanosphere: Lessons Learned From Men’s Health Network Nigeria

Population Council's Nigeria country director Sylvia Adebajo spoke with Humanosphere about stigma, key populations and access to HIV services. 

Elton John AIDS Foundation, which supports the Men’s Health Network Nigeria and was recently honored with the 2016 Impact Award, also commented to Humanosphere about the challenges of keeping HIV/AIDS in the public spotlight.

“Population Council is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization that works to stop the spread of HIV and improve the lives of those with the disease. Adebajo joined the Council in 2008 to direct the Men’s Health Network Nigeria, a nationwide initiative that provided comprehensive, male-friendly HIV services free from stigma and discrimination…

… ‘This means that although what we are doing is having an impact,’ Adebajo said, ‘we need to do much, much more to avoid ‘standing still’ in terms of beating the epidemic.’”


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