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Implementation Science to Improve Maternal Health Research and Programs: The Power of Partnerships

The Maternal Health Task Force highlights a webinar featuring the Council’s Laura Reichenbach and Emily Peca (TRACtion Project), who reflect on "Implementation Science" and the growing movement to strategically engage partners and policymakers throughout the research process.

"As described by Dr. Muthigani during the webinar, the MoH of Kenya, along with the National Nurses Association of Kenya and National Federation for Women’s Lawyers, was involved at from the beginning and maintained a central role in the IS research undertaken by Population Council Kenya to test solutions that mitigate disrespect and abuse and advance respectful maternity care. As Dr. Muthigani highlighted, this continuous engagement ensured that by the end of the IS study, the MoH of Kenya was informed and prepared to make policy and programmatic changes."

The pairing of the Implementation Science research results from Kenya, underpinned by engagement with local partners and ongoing global advocacy efforts, led to local change and global action.

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