Judith Bruce Named “Champion of Change” by UNFPA

Judith Bruce, Senior Associate and Policy Analyst at the Population Council, was named a “Champion of Change” in UNFPA’s 2019 State of the World Report.

Bruce was lauded for her landmark quality of care framework, which has guided the design and delivery of services in the fields of family planning and reproductive health for more than two decades. She was also praised for her ongoing efforts to develop programs that protect the well-being of girls and expand opportunities of the poorest adolescent girls in the poorest communities.

Her “quality of care” framework underpinned a global shift in family planning programmes from stressing numerical targets as the success metric to promoting sustainable and safe use by responding to girls’ and women’s priorities... Bruce was an architect of the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development’s recognition that client-centred reproductive health services and female empowerment strategy.

Today she calls for using the Sustainable Development Goals to drive investment to hotspots where child marriage, sexual coercion, unmet need, resource scarcity and intergenerational poverty overlap.

“Without aggressive investment in girls aged 10 to 14, countries cannot count on reaping a demographic dividend,” she says. Not making these investments, she says, amounts to planned poverty. And she predicts “increasing pressures on young females to trade sexuality and fertility for survival in the face of increasing climate emergencies, conflict, displacement, scarcity and stress.”

Read the full report at UNFPA.