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Lessons from Ghana to Inform DMPA-SC Safe Storage and Disposal

Photo credit: Knowledge Success

In a recent Knowledge Success post, Council researchers from the Evidence Project highlight lessons learned from research in Ghana on the expansion of access to DMPA-SC, an injectable contraceptive with a self-injection option. Injectables are among the most popular contraceptive methods in sub-Saharan Africa.

While improper disposal in pit latrines or open spaces remains a barrier to safely scaling this highly effective method, the authors underscore that with education on safe disposal and provision of appropriate containers, self-injection clients enrolled in a pilot study in Ghana were able to appropriately store and dispose of DMPA-SC.

These results offered evidence for the Ghana Health Service to include provision of safe disposal containers in nation-wide scale up plans for home-based self-injection, with important implications for other countries seeking to expand access while addressing safety and ecological hazards.

Read more in Knowledge Success from Staff Associate, Elizabeth Tobey; Research Impact Specialist, Katey Peck; Associate I, Dela Nai; Program Manager, Reproductive Health, Leah Jarvis; and Program Director, Reproductive Health, Michelle Hindin.